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Map 2.5m Silver Slider Keepnet

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Verkoopprijs54,99 €
  • Great for pretty much every match venue, this features their unique fitting which can be removed and relocated anywhere along the top ring so you can fit it in both landscape and portrait styles.
  • This unique net can be used as a traditional net, or a compact net where big weights of carp or f1’s are expected, thanks to the tilt fitting. This features reinforced pull through bottom rings, with a complete blue carp mesh throughout.
  • Renowned for developing market leading and innovative products. Their new range will transform how anglers use nets on venues. Anglers are now catching more and more fish at fisheries, with many having limits on the amount of fish you put in put in your nets. It’s not unusual using up to 6 nets on certain venues, and this creates a problem on how you locate them.
  • What’s the difference between these and other nets on the market? Well, unlike any other nets on the market where the tilt fitting is fixed, the fitting and be either slid along the top ring, or moved. So, the nets can be used as a traditional net, or the fitting can be moved to transform the net into a compacted net, when you need to fit more nets onto a net bar. This unique innovation gives the angler a number of options on how to use a net, depending on the venue they are fishing or weights they are expecting to catch.


  • Unique sliding tilt fitting
  • Can be used as a compact or traditional keepnet
  • Silver mesh
  • Length 2.5m
  • Reinforced bottom rings
  • Pull through bottom rings
  • Easy storage in stink bags
  • Top ring size 50cm x 40cm
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