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Basisprijs inclusief BTW2,99 €
Verkoopprijs2,99 €
Verkoopprijs2,99 €

Verkrijgbaar in 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 en 1 gram.

Available in six sizes from 0.1g to 0.6g, it fea­tures a thickened 0.6mm spring stain­less wire stem for improved sta­bility com­pared to glass or carbon. The stem is also only bonded halfway into the bulbous body, rather than con­tinuing up into the bristle, to improve the float’s bal­ance and beha­viour without adding unne­ces­sary weight and detracting from the buoy­ancy. Alan has field-tested these floats extens­ively and is happy that the thicker stem will with­stand plenty of abuse from catching big bags of carp! The float bodies them­selves are remark­ably con­centric with very little or no mis­align­ment of the stem and tips to the body. Made from light grade balsa for max­imum buoy­ancy to size ratio, they are coated in an extremely tough acrylic paint ensuring a strong shell-like con­struc­tion, pre­venting line damage when under extreme pres­sure from big fish. The AS1 body is slightly slimmer than the AS2 in keeping with the extra sens­it­ivity the AS1 offers. It fea­tures a hollow, 1.5mm dia­meter, buoyant, glow tip that can easily be seen when fishing in the shadow of far bank veget­a­tion. The AS1 is slightly more sens­itive than the AS2 and ideal for shier biting F1s and small carp, whereas the AS2’s thicker 1.75mm tip is better suited to sup­porting bigger baits and offering improved vis­ib­ility amongst vegetation. Glow tips on AS pole floats are rein­forced through the sec­tion where they join the body. This strengthens the hollow buoyant tip at a crit­ical point and provides an extra strong found­a­tion for the eye. AS-Float-eyesAS floats also fea­ture a double wound stain­less steel eye mounted at the base of the tip. Being placed here offers the mech­an­ic­ally strongest pos­i­tion without pier­cing the body, and risking water ingress, there­fore affecting the floats per­form­ance. Being double wound (i.e. the eye is fully round) means the line cannot get trapped and dam­aged as is often the case with con­ven­tional, single wound, U-shape eyes. These spe­cial eyes are also made of blackened stain­less steel to match the body, giving a more dis­tinct demarc­a­tion line to the glow tip, so bites are easier to spot! Available in 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g, 0.5g and 0.6g sizes.

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